Rakeback FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to our site or have any questions about Rakeback, we highly suggest that you read our short rakeback FAQ !FAQ


What Is RAKE ?

Online Poker Rooms make their money by automatically taking a cut of the POT in every hand you play. This is called the RAKE and is a fee for hosting and offering the Online Poker Games to you. The amount taken from each pot varies by limits, but is generally anywhere from $1-$3 on average per hand.



Rakeback is the percentage of your Rake you will get back. When you sign up on a poker room through RakebackSafe.com, you can get up to 40% of every dollar that you pay in Rake right back in your pockets.

This refund is known as Rakeback. No matter what limits and poker games you play, whether you are a professional poker player, a grinder or a small stakes player a Rakeback Deal will greatly increase your Online Poker win rate, and allow you to make more money on your poker game.


What Is Rakeback ? How Does Rakeback Work ?

Rakeback will make you money every time you play, and it´s the best long term poker bonus you can get ! A rakeback deal will boost your poker winnings, and is very important for all real money poker players, no matter which limits and how much you play rakeback will always be a big portion of winnings.


What Is “MGR” “Total Rake” OR “Net Revenue”?

Each Poker Room may have a different term MGR, Total Rake or Net Revenue, but it is essentially the totalRake paid by you as calculated by the Poker Room.


What Is “MGR” Deductions ?

MGR deductions does happen on some rooms, the sites simply deduct any bonuses, player points or any other costs before they calculate your MGR/Rake ! For example: lets say you have generated $100 in rake and got $20 bonus, then the math is just $100 – $20 = $80, so in this case your MGR will be $80. If there are deductions, this will be listed on each signup page here on RakebackSafe.com !


What Is Dealt Rakeback ?

Dealt Rakeback is a way to calculate Rakeback, read more in the Dealt Rakeback FAQ


What Is Contributed Rakeback ?

Contributed Rakeback is a way to calculate Rakeback, read more in the Contributed Rakeback FAQ


What Is A Rakeback Provider ?

A rakeback provider is a company that advertises for a group of poker room´s. Rakeback providers are paid a percentage of the total rake for each one of their players. RakebackSafe.com then gives this payment back to our players in the form of rakeback.


How To Get Rakeback With RakebackSafe.com ?

Just follow the Signup Instructions given for each poker site and it all happens automatically. Within 5 minutes you can begin playing online poker and earn rakeback!


How Often Are My Rakeback Stats Updated ?

Almost all poker sites will update rakeback stats daily, or even more often. Just follow the instructions on how to check rakeback stats on each site


Can I Still Get Bonuses If I Receive Rakeback ?

Yes! You will still be able to receive Bonuses offered by the Poker Room and any other promotions offered by the Poker Room or Rakeback Safe if you receive Rakeback from RakebackSafe.com

Bonuses are nearly always deducted from your Total Rake, but it will still be much better to receive both Bonuses and Rakeback than ONLY BONUS OR ONLY RAKEBACK.


Can I Get Rakeback On My Existing Account ?

Some poker sites do allow conversions of existing accounts. contact us to find out if your poker site does!

We might be able to help you, submit your details so we can discuss the options you may have to get a deal on your existing NON Rakeback account.

Request Rakeback on Your Existing Account – CLICK HERE


When are Rake Back Payments Made ?

Most poker sites pay rakeback on different times, daily, weekly, monthly. You can check out the payment days/dates for each poker room here: Rakeback Payment FAQ
What If I Still Have Other Questions ?

We suggest you to take a second look at RakebackSafe.com particularly if you are new to Rakeback or our site. This could possibly provide you with a deeper understanding of RakeBack and the effect the Rake has on the Poker game. Our prompt customer service can answer almost all your questions if you would like to contact RakebackSafe.com support: CLICK HERE !


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