EPT Barcelona Season 2

European Poker Tour

Results and prizes from the final table at
EPT Barcelona Season 2

Tournament Buy In: €4000

Number of Players: 327

Casino: Casino Barcelona.

Tournament Details: EPT Barcelona – September 16th – September 17th, 2005.

Player Name
Cash Prize
1st Jan Boubli €416,000
2nd Christer Johansson €228,000
3rd Patrik Antonius €117,000
4th Patric Mårtensson €91,000
5th Gus Hansen €78,000
6th Anton Bergström €65,000
7th Dario Alioto €52,000
8th Romain Feriolo €39,000

The 2nd season of EPT, short for European Poker Tour started in mid 2005 and ran into 2006, a few years behind its big brother, the World Poker Tour, which is already on WPT season 4 in 2005/2006. But, EPT has quickly become very popular aswell, and with one little difference, 8-man final tables, instead of only 6. This EPT Barcelona event is part of the 2nd season of the European Poker Tour tv events broadcasted directly from casinos around europe!

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