There are many sites on the internet with good deals, but there are also many bad sites out there, and it can be hard to know who is good and who is bad with 600+ poker sites !

RakebackSafe.com was established in 2009 by poker players with industry knowledge since 2004.We use this knowledge to make sure our players only play at sites we trust are as safe and secure as possible. The sites listed on RakebackSafe.com also have to threat players right, with good support etc. And the rooms we work with also needs to have a good rakeback, cashback or VIP deal in order to secure we offer the best possible deals. We list a site if we think they are good and have value for our players, regardless of how much they pay, players interest comes first in this case.

All deals on RakebackSafe.com are 100% legit and are approved by the managers at each room, we have the highest and best rakeback deals allowed, but we need to follow all rakeback cap´s and rules set by each network or room. So all the sites we work with will make payments directly into player accounts, we never hold any money, we can´t pay too much, we can´t pay too little, we can´t cheat any player ! This is what we call “SAFE” and that is exactly what RakebackSafe.com is, 100% safe !

Unfortunately, time goes by and rooms change for one reason or the other. From time to time we will remove rooms, and there can be several reasons like: Very bad support, bankrupt rumors, no payments, rules or promotions changes, bad partner support, and most likely a few more reasons. Even if we remove a site the rakeback deals for our players will still be valid, unless thats why they are removed, in this case a notice will be given.

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