Contributed Rakeback FAQ

Learn more about contributed rakeback

Learn exactly how Contributed Rakeback work, and how a Rakeback Deal can help to increase your profits when you play Online Poker.

Rakeback is the best long term poker bonus you can get. A Contributed Rakeback Deal will boost your poker winnings, and is very important for all real money online poker players.

What Is Contributed Rakeback ?

Contributed Rakeback is 1 of the most well known ways to calculate a online poker Rakeback deal.

Contributed Rake Back can return you anywhere from 27% to 40% of your contributed rake, depending on the poker room you choose a Contributed Rakeback Deal with.

The most common Rakeback deal with Rakeback safe, pays 30% of your Rake Back.

How Does Contributed Rakeback Work ?

Contributed Rakeback pays the player back a portion of their contributed rake, based on the exact amount they put into the pot when playing online Poker.

If you contribute a large margin of the pot, your Rakeback will be higher, therefore a small contribution would result in a smaller Rakeback profit.

To make it clear, Contributed Rakeback is best for loose players that play many hands, and therefore contribute more to each pot.

Contributed Rakeback Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Contributed Rakeback, a player must contribute something to the pot.

Even folding from the Small Blind is enough, and will count towards a Contributed Rakeback Deal, although it´s not worth much for your total Contributed Rake.

On every Rakeback Deal a hand must go on to a flop in order to be raked. Without any rake taken from the pot, there is no Rakeback to be paid.

How to Calculate Contributed Rakeback

Calculating Contributed Rakeback takes some practice, and probably a calculator.

See how to calculate Contributed Rakeback below:

1: Find the total rake paid in the hand.

2: Find the exact percentage of the pot you are responsible for contributing.

3: Divide the rake with the same percentage of your contribution to the pot to find your Contributed Rake.

4: Divide your contributed rake with the Rakeback percentage at the Room you play. (Most Likely. 30%)

The number you get is the “Rake” you will get “Back” from the pot you calculated if you have a Contributed Rakeback Deal.

Whatever method is used, Rakeback is a WIN / WIN option. Read other Rakeback FAQ´s below: