Dealt Rakeback FAQ

Frequently asked questions about dealt rakeback

Learn exactly how Dealt Rakeback work, and how a Rakeback Deal can help to increase your profits when you play Online Poker.

Rakeback is the best long term poker bonus you can get. A Dealt Rakeback Deal will boost your poker winnings, and is very important for all real money online poker players.

What is Dealt Rakeback ?

The Dealt Rakeback method is one of the most popular methods for calculating Poker Rake. In the Dealt Rakeback method all players at the table share the rake equally, no matter how many hands you play.

Dealt Rakeback seems to be best for tight players, as they will get Rakeback even when they fold a hand.

How To Calculate Dealt Rakeback ?

If you are playing at a ten-handed table and been given cards, your MGR ( Monthly Gross Rake ) are credited with ten percent of whatever the total rake for that pot ends up being.

Example 1: If $3 is raked from the pot, your MGR will get credited with 30 cents of rake.

Example 2: If $1 is raked from the pot, your MGR will get credited with 20 cents of rake.

* Rake is the fee online poker room´s charges you for playing at their Poker site. Since there is no house edge in Online Poker, is´s the only way Poker Rooms can make money from the card games they offer.

A Rakeback Deal puts some of that rake money back into your online account. Most rakeback programs offer 30 percent of your rake returned to you.

Whatever method is used, Rakeback is a WIN / WIN option.

Many sites and networks have switched from Dealt to contributed the last few years, but there are still some sites with the dealt method ! See more below.

There are very few rooms left with the dealt method, they have all changed to the contributed method ! Best Poker Room´s with Dealt Rakeback:

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