Intertops Poker Rakeback FAQ

How much Intertops Poker rakeback do i get ?

Maximum is 36% (From May 28th, 2012), and all confirmed players get 36% paid by Intertops !

When is Intertops Poker rakeback paid ?

Rakeback is paid every day in $10 increments, any amount less than $10 will carry forward to next day.

Example: If you earn $17 rakeback, then $10 will be paid, and $7 will carry forward to the next day, or when ever you reach $10.

Where will my Intertops Poker rakeback be paid ? staff will make Rakeback payments directly into your Intertops Poker account.

Where can I see my Intertops Poker rakeback payment ?

The rakeback payment can be found in Intertops transaction history. Marked as a “VIP Payment”.

To find the transaction history, go to Intertops website, and “login”. Then in the top right corner click “My Account”, on this page “Transaction History” is placed in the middle of the page, 2nd option from the top.

How is my Intertops Poker rakeback calculated ?

The rake calculation is based on the Dealt Method ! With this method all players seated earn a equal piece of the table rake even if they fold preflop, as long as they got dealt cards when the hand started.

Are there any deductions from Intertops Poker rakeback ?

Nothing is deducted from Intertops Poker rakeback, all bonuses and/or promotions will be paid on top.

Where can I find the rakeback stats in Intertops Poker´s software ?

Intertops rakeback stats can be found inside the poker software, just log into the poker client and click on “Cashier” and then click on “Account“, on the “Account Page” you will see 3 tabs, Balances, Bonus Details and Account Details. Just under the Balances it says “VIP Status” now click on the “VIP Status” to see your rakeback stats.


Why is there a daily limit on my poker funds ?

New players can have a daily limit on how many funds they can bring to the poker clint (some money will stay in sportsbook), this limit can be removed or raised by contacting Intertops live support or free hotline !


Domain Changed to – What Happened ?

On August 2nd 2011 Intertops redirected their domain from .com to !

Nothing has really changed, it´s still the same company, and the old will automatically redirect visitors to the new domain name. This proves they still have control with the domain, so there is nothing to worry about, domain is NOT ceased or anything.

Is Intertops Poker Safe ?

The company was established in 1983, and Intertops has been online since 1996 ! They have more than 15 years experience with online gambling, and were the very 1st to accept a bet on the internet in 1996. So yes, we believe that Intertops is very safe and secure ! Intertops is the best option for U.S. players right now, with great banking options and low withdrawel limits and fast payments for all players !


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